Why I chose to only add the 15 best google fonts to the video editor

I believe less is more. Why offer a range of fonts which makes the user feel overwhelmed. The chances of the user picking an ugly font is much more likely to happen.

In developing Story Creator I want the users to feel like they have the ability to create something unique. It is my job to offer just the right amount of options and combinations to achieve that. Too many options are no good. Selecting just enough and keeping each option high quality leads to the uniqueness that separate you from others while keeping a focus on making it hard to have a bad design.

My dog and I building the google fonts to video feature

I've always been a fan of Awwwards.com and that is why I am going off their list of top 20 google fonts https://www.awwwards.com/20-best-web-fonts-from-google-web-fonts-and-font-face.html.

Also by limiting the selection Story Creator can get to market faster.

Currently I am running some beta tests with some passionate video editing folks and social media content creators. If that's you and you want to help in the product development then hit me up.

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